Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm sorry I'm not able to post properly as my computer will

I'm sorry I'm not able to post properly as my computer will only be fixed in a day or 2. I'll be flying to East Africa next week and not this. For the moment, life is very good. I'm reading a lot - the only time I have is late nights and I seem to get by well on about 6 hours sleep. As a freelance writer, my time is my own. Also, the one beauty about having your own flat is that well, you can do what you jolly well like in it with regards to tv, music, snacks and all sorts without worrying about annoying someone else. I'm quite excited. I've cut down on the experimentation with cooking as I'm often running about here and there. Also, no more buying of potted plants for the moment where I have taken to growing my own herbs and vegetables. Domesticity is lessening. My mind has simply switched gear. What I plan to do is to take my half-finished stories to Africa with me so I can recapture once more the authenticy, flavour and sounds of my favourite land. I'm especially remembering the Indian Ocean famous for its wildness and can't wait to be poking around the bookshops I recall so well. How did I get to this sort of bliss? I think just live in the present, in the moment, look at the roads ahead and not behind - unless for a little introspection now and then. But when living in the moment, rely on passions even when the going gets tough and don't abandon a lifelong dream ever. Dullness in anything is fatal.

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