Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have been a little slow with my blog posts of late because of

I have been a little slow with my blog posts of late because of things in my mind that I have to sort out for Africa. But I'll keep going. The only thing is that I may have to open a new blog on either a different Blogger account (new email) or else a Wordpress as Technorati has messed up my links and also doesn't display my posts as it would do for other blogs. As my links increase, Technorati keeps reducing the number so I'm going to be zero links in no time and that is definitely unfair. So I thought I'd start with a new blog and reopen a new Technorati account. But of course when that happens, I'll let you know.

After the initial excitement, practicalities will take over and I suppose I just want to go with as I said, a very light clothes luggage and a few engrossing reads. I will choose my books in Ireland. For some reason, I hardly buy airport novels and am quite happy with the newspapers on the plane because I'll always have my favourite titles. And I'm often as I'm ashamed to say, glued to the telly. I hardly ever sleep in planes either.

Yes, lately, there' s been a lot of reflection and introspection about things and people gone. Sometimes, I may suddenly remember a friend, a happy childhood episode or look back at a regrettable incident with misgiving. And then I remember too, all the great gulfs in between in between a chasm of defeat, grief or resignation. But I'll talk more about this later.

I can't even focuss on any theatre performances and all that. I keep thinking that when I come back, I'll join a writing group properly, go to more live poetry, publish something, be active in theatre and all that. But let's see...
Travel one one's own I find, is a good way to measure life's present depths and to gauge its further mix of rich raw ingredients for a destiny well told. Such meditative reflection tends to force itself on me at odd points, closer to the date and with no conscious protest on my part, sufficient to dispel this Holy Grail.

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